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Inside the Waistband (IWB) kydex Mag Carriers - Sig Sauer


Finding an elite concealed carry mag carrier that conceals, is comfortable, and offers excellent quality and adjustability is easy. Our kydex mag carriers are handcrafted in Tampa, FL and designed for your make and model. We provide high quality products, with a wide selection of colors and patterns, clip styles, and mod wing options, to make your mag carrier unique.

Clip / Belt Option - We give you the option to select your clip / belt attachment style that best fits your EDC needs. This is an upgrade to the plastic fomi clip, if purchased you will receive the upgraded clip only. If you would like to upgrade your clip, please purchase one of the follow listings.
EDK Monoblock -
UltiTuck -

What is IWB (Inside the waistband)? - IWB holsters let you carry a firearm safely and discreetly at your waist. Concealed carry is the best way to defend yourself.

Choice of Color / Pattern - We offer a wide array of solid color and carbon fiber color options suitable for everyday wear. We also offer a variety of specialty patterns and custom designs for the days you want to show off your personality & style.

Carbon Fiber - Carbon fiber-textured Kydex holsters offer an eye-catching, modern design that elevates your gear's style without compromising performance. This innovative texture mimics the look of real carbon fiber, providing a high-tech appearance while retaining the lightweight, durable, and weather-resistant qualities of Kydex.

Infused/Printed Designs - The infused design on the holster will be on carbon fiber textured Kydex by default. It is crucial to acknowledge that potential color variations may occur during the printing process, and the interior color of the holster may vary in color based on the design chosen.

Adjustable Retention - Our adjustable retention feature enables you to customize the tightness of the holster to your preference - allowing you to feel secure when carrying.

Hand Orientation - This holster is accessible in both left-handed and right-handed orientations.

Crafted with precision in Tampa, FL, USA, our kydex holsters are lightweight, waterproof, and scratch-resistant to ensure your mag carrier's safety.

**Pictures shown may not represent the model you’re looking for. They are only intended to illustrate the holster style. No two products are exactly alike.

***DISCLAIMER: Once orders are in the possession of the shipping carrier ie. USPS we are not responsible for their transit. This includes but is not limited to delayed packages, packages lost in transit or packages stolen before or after delivery. It is the responsibility of the customer to provide an accurate and secure shipping address for delivery.