Current lead time: Up to 2 weeks.


When will my order ship?
Our lead times may vary throughout the year. Current production lead times are displayed in the banner at the top of our website. Lead time is referenced as our production time and does not include weekends, holidays or shipping transit times. 

**Lead times are subject to change without prior notice due unforeseen circumstances and/or supplier discrepancies. 

Can I Request a Return?
We have a 30-day return policy, which means you have 30 days after receiving your item to request a return; a 20% return fee may apply. Full return policy details may be reviewed on our Refund Policy page.

To request a return; please fill out the Return Request Form found here. 

What if my package is not delivered?
By purchasing items from Everydaykydex, you acknowledge that Everydaykydex is not responsible for lost or stolen packages. Please refer to your tracking number for details on the status/ location of your order.

If you added ShipInsure to your order; please follow the instructions as provided in your email. For additional information on filing a claim, please visit ShipInsure.

Are you running any sales, can I have a coupon code?
We do hold sales on a periodic basis. We recommend signing up for our newsletter at the bottom of our website to receive updates on deals, promotions, and new product releases. You will be the first to know when a new sale is available!

Can I carry your holsters in the small of back position?
For safety reasons, we do not suggest small of back carry because it can cause back damage in the event of a fall and also positions the pistol in a reverse draw position, which increases the chance of harming yourself while drawing your weapon. If you choose to carry in the small of your back, some customers order the opposite hand draw holster and do so successfully.

Will Kydex cause wear on my firearm?

With any holster and normal use of your pistol, you may see wear on the finish of your firearm over time. To assist reduce this, keep your holster free of lint, dirt, and debris. Although the Kydex material is softer than any other component of the gun's surface, lint, dirt, or other foreign items that become trapped between your weapon and the Kydex will function as an abrasive, causing additional wear to your weapon. We discovered that smooth surfaces, such as the interior of Kydex holsters, protect your handgun significantly better than any other material holsters. Although gentler to the touch, leather, suede, and other porous material holsters might be more abrasive than Kydex.

Your concealed carry weapon is a tool, and you can expect to see distinct markings on it through time and use, just as any other craftsman would notice wear on his tools with use. We do not recommend holstering collectible or investment class firearms in any holster because some markings will reduce their long-term value.

Can I leave my holster in a hot environment (like a hot car) or will this damage the kydex?
We recommend storing your holster at room temperature to avoid heat damage. We are based in Florida and have rigorously tested our Kydex holsters to determine how they operate in these settings. In our humid Florida summers, we've observed that the holsters operate wonderfully the vast majority of the time. The holsters can and will lose their shape in extreme heat (for example, when left in bright sunshine (on the dashboard of a car). We do not advocate keeping your holster in extreme heat if you live in that area, as it can cause harm. If you must leave your holster in a heated automobile, keep it cool by storing it in a low, well-ventilated position. Please understand, heat damage is considered misuse of the product and is not covered under our lifetime warranty. 

I have a gun model that is not listed, but it is very similar to another model you have listed, will my gun fit in that holster?
Each holster is manufactured to fit the specific firearm model indicated. Even minor variances might cause fit concerns, which is why we do not recommend using firearms other than the model for which your holster was designed. Holsters that do not fit properly might cause trouble drawing, a lack of adequate retention, and/or accelerated wear.

You do not offer a holster for my gun model, but I really want one! Can I send my gun/attachment for you to make a holster with?
We are unable to provide this service at this time. We are not an FFL and do not mold from actual firearms. Each holster is created using custom tooling based on the exact measurements of the handgun. Because the cost of creating each tool is very high, we recommend contacting our customer service team and requesting your gun model. We keep track of all requests and utilize this data to determine demand for each model, which helps us decide which models to add to our lineup. 

Why does my light bearing holster fit but not "click" like your other holsters?
Although we mold our light compatible holsters from the precise pistol model and accessory indicated, they may not have a distinct "click" like our ordinary holsters. The retention point has been slightly modified to accommodate the light attachment, but the friction-based retention will still securely retain your firearm as long as the light is attached.

What does IWB mean?

IWB stands for Inside the Waistband

What does CF Mean?
CF Stands for Carbon Fiber

What does RH and LH Mean?
RH means right-handed holster and LH means left-handed holster

What is a mod wing?
The Mod Wing is a standalone piece of concealment-enhancing hardware. It allows a user's belt to apply additional leverage by rotating the holster and the grip of the gun towards the user's body, creating better concealment and less user “printing” of the firearm and holster.

Do I Need Threadlocker?

By far, the best reason to use a threadlocker solution is to prevent the accidental back off of fastener assemblies due to vibration. While not necessary in all applications, solutions can also be used any time a nut and bolt are placed together. We suggest using a threadlocker solution any time an assembly is going to be under strain or vibration that may result in unintended back-off or in situations where the assembly is not going to be checked for long periods of time.