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Carbon Fiber Rap Legends - Inside the Waistband (IWB) Holster


The infused design on the holster will be on carbon fiber textured Kydex by default. It is crucial to acknowledge that potential color variations may occur during the printing process, and the interior color of the holster may vary in color based on the design chosen.

"Open end" refers to a design where the bottom is open, accommodating threaded barrels, compensators, and similar attachments. 

"Closed end" refers a design where the bottom is closed and prohibits the use of any threaded barrels, compensators, and similar attachments.

What is IWB (Inside the waistband)?An IWB holster is a firearm holster that is affixed to your belt and worn on the inside the waistband of your pants. The IWB holster enables a safe and effective concealed carry. There is no other, more effective means of self-defense than a concealed carry firearm.

Clip / Belt Option - We give you the option to select your clip / belt attachment style that best fits your EDC needs. Available options include, EDK Fomi clip, EDK Monoblock, and UltiTuck.

Mod Wing - The optional Mod Wing attachment allows your firearm to be concealed even better! The Mod Wing works by making contact with the back side of your belt and pants which pulls the grip of your firearm closer to your body.

Adjustable Retention - Whether you prefer your retention tight, loose, or somewhere in between, our adjustable retention feature allows you to feel comfortable and confident with your holster every time you use it.

Adjustable Cant (carry angle) - This customizable feature allows you to adjust the angle in which the holster sits on your belt.

Hand Orientation - This holster is available in both left-handed and right-handed draw.

Finding a top-tier concealed carry holster that effectively conceals your weapon, sits comfortably, and offers exceptional quality should be simple. Each Kydex holster is meticulously handcrafted in Tampa, FL, tailored to your specific firearm. We provide high-quality products with extensive customization options in colors, patterns, clip styles, and mod wings. Our lightweight, waterproof, and scratch-resistant holsters ensure your firearm is protected wherever you go.

**Pictures shown may not represent the model you’re looking for. They are only intended to illustrate the holster style.  No two products are exactly alike. **