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EDC Kydex Trays


Our EDC Kydex Dump Trays are not just trays; they're your pocket's best friend. Handcrafted with a passion for perfection, each tray is a minimalist masterpiece. They're so versatile, you can use them for just about anything. Tired of scratching your fancy table? Dump your gear in the tray! It's perfect for your keys, loose change, and even that pocket lint you've been collecting. Lightweight, waterproof, and tough, these trays have got raised edges to keep your treasures safe. So go ahead, let your kids play with it, or make it your cat's new favorite lounge spot – it's the tray that can take it!


Standard Tray - 9.25inch x 7.5inch x 0.75inch
Tray w/Separations - 9.25inch x 7.5inch x 0.75inch
EDK Logo Tray - 9.25inch x 7.5inch x 0.75inch